Classroom News

We are starting another school year.  I want to welcome all my new students and families to our class website.  I also want to encourage my past students to keep using this website as a resource and GOOD LUCK this year!   Check out the student and parent page for extra practice at home.

Look below for current classroom information and updates.

Open House Thursday August 16th

First Day of School August 20th

Class Information:

SCHEDULE:  Miss Spolarich’s Homeroom

School hours are 8:40 a.m. to 3:10 p.m.

Specials: Monday-Art, Tuesday-Gym, Wednesday-Library, Thursday-Music and Friday-Technology

Teachers:  My homeroom will have math with Ms. Johnson and I will be the reading teacher(Miss Spolarich).

Mrs. Johnson and I will both teach Science and Social Studies together.

Current events:  BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!


What to do at home???????

The expectation is that students are actively participating in activities that will support their daily learning at school.  We will send home a monthly list of ideas. Students should be doing the following on a weekly basis:

  1. Study spelling and vocabulary words (study guides will be sent home)
  2. Practice math flashcards.
  3. Read at least 30 minutes every day.
  4. Review math skills (study guides will be sent home)

We will also provide passwords for students to practice skills online, when they are registered.  The accounts will include IXL (Math), google account(writing/typing) and Wonders (Reading). You will be notified through the homework notebook when any study guides, extra practice or a project is assigned.  We will also record testing dates in the homework notebook. We appreciate all of your support this year and please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Students will be expected to study their spelling words at home. We will do some activities in the classroom to study but they need to work on developing good study habits. Here are some ways to practice at home:  SpellingIdeas

Spelling Words: Short Vowel Review test on August 31

You will be tested on how to spell the following words:
flat        bell      wealth      odd        plum

cash      left       grim        plot         crunch

band     shelf     mill        sum         gym

You are responsible for practicing your spelling words at home. We will review them in class but you need to study them too.

Students will also be tested on the following vocabulary words and their meanings. They do not have to know how to spell these words but will be asked to use the words in sentences.

brainstorm          frantically         stale     official

flattened           muttered     original



Home/School Communication:  Good communication between the home and school is vital to promote a healthy relationship between all of us. Please feel free to contact me any time with questions, comments, concerns, or information about your child. There are several options for communication between us: I check my email throughout the day as time permits. I will return emails as soon as possible and am very timely with this type of communication. Traditionally, this has been my quickest form of communication.

Notes: I check the homework notebook for notes each morning. I will write a reply in the notebook when I have read the note. Notes that contain private or more confidential information should be written separately and will also be addressed daily.

Telephone Calls: I will check for messages when I am able to listen to voicemail at the end of the school day. I may not receive the message immediately after your telephone call. In addition, I will return the call after my class has been dismissed and/or other school duties are completed.

Fourth grade is a very special and important year. Your child is now beginning his/her journey from elementary school to the intermediate grades, which requires more responsibility and higher expectations in the classroom. I am thrilled to get to guide and support them along the way during this exciting time!

Discipline : We will record student behavior on a chart that follows the students to each class.  The chart will document students receiving 1 check (warning) 2 checks (classroom consequence: writing assignment, loss of class activity, seat change are a few examples) 3 checks (lunch/recess detention) 4 checks(office referral).  Behavior will be documented in each students homework notebook.  Please check the notebook every night.  Students who fail to have their planners signed will receive Friday detention.

Students will also be working on “filling up their coffee cups” with good behavior!!!!